移り変わる季節に合わせて着物の柄を選んだり、オリジナルで調合した香を部屋に焚き込めたりと、いにしえより人々は暮らしのなかにさまざまに遊びの感覚を取り入れ、日々を豊かに過ごしていました。 現代のプロダクトでも、古来と同じような遊び心を取り入れ、毎日をクリエイティブに彩ってほしい。そんな思いからこの物語は始まっています。
2021年の新作「呼応の間/あなたのクリエーションが開花する旅 Vol.2」では、私たちにとって身近な存在の「紙」をテーマに、3つのコレクションを発表します。和紙に墨筆をほどこしたイメージを展開したり、折り紙をモチーフにしたラグを自由に組み合せるなど、ほかにはない世界に一つだけのクリエイティブな空間を作り出したインテリア。こうしたアイテムを生活空間に加えることで、人々の心の開放が軽やかに、そしてもっと自由な創造性に満ちたものになるようにと願っております。

Since ancient times, people have selected kimonos to suit the changing season, or have mixed incense to pervade a room for some special occasion. When doing this, they have engaged with ways to make life playful and rich. Today we do the same, by selecting products in the spirit of enjoyment, and using them to stimulate mental creativity. Such is the concept with which we start our story.
A Space for Concord/The Journey to Your Creation Flourishing Vol.2, introduces new works for 2021. We offer three collections based on the theme of that very familiar material, ‘paper’. Unique interior spaces have been devised using the motifs of traditional ink brush strokes on washi paper, or using a free assembly of rugs to suggest origami. By adding items like these to your living spaces, we hope you will find your awareness rendered more cheerful, and be liberated into a richer world of creativity.

呼応の間/A Space for Concord



A Space for Concord/Origami generates limitless forms through folding sheets of paper. These rugs are inspired by that process, and allow users to create playful spaces of their own. 

Each rug comes in a rich, traditional Japanese colour, so that the sets can be arranged in all manner of configurations. We’re sure you will enjoy your imagi-nation engaging with the many possibilities that their forms allow.



A Space for Silence/These rugs create mental spaces of peace and quiet. The designs seem as if softly brushed in ink on traditional washi paper. Their jet-black, half-circles explore the concept of the new moon, so signifying a beginning or reset. Each is woven in hard-twist yarn for a rougher finish. Designs are coordinated with our other three-dimensional rugs, invoking the Zen idea of purification of mind and nature in their present states.

静寂の間/A Space for Silence
祈りの間/A Space for Prayer



A Space for Prayer/In the past origami was also called inorigami, meaning ‘paper for prayer’. This set of rugs combinestwo types, one undulating with origami motifs, and the other three-dimensional. They generate a quiet space, as when one confronts oneself in prayer. 

《 組み合わせを変えて、あなただけの空間を作りことができます。You can combine them in different ways to create your own space. 》